Sonicgear Pandora Neo 200 & Romoss Powerbank Bundle

With Sonicgear Pandora Neo 200 + Romoss Solo 3 6,000mAh Powerbank bundle, open a party box of loud music and keep your music player going all night long!

Pandora Neo 200 is designed with Bluetooth CSR 4.0 technology, allowing you to sync your mobile device and speaker even if you’re far across the room or at the beach. It keeps your device wirelessly connected to the speaker so you don’t have to reconnect it again and again. Built with 6-equalizer acoustic modes, this portable speaker emits powerful sounds for party halls or outdoors. It’s also built with an FM Radio so catch up with the daily top ten during rush hour. Now you have a chance to share your music with your favorite people all at once.

To keep the party going, you need to keep your mobile device playing. Charge your gadgets with Romoss solo 3. This 3,600mAh battery bank will give your smartphone or tablet the much-needed boost so you can rock non-stop. Get your Sonicgear Pandora Neo 200 + Romoss Solo 3 6,000mAh Powerbank bundle now and see more of Pandora Bluetooth Speakers here at Globe Online Shop. What are you waiting for? The best party combo is up for grabs!