Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi

Complete your home setup with a fast and reliable internet connection! Get Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi and enjoy streaming, gaming, and browsing, and so much more!

  • 2x Faster vs. Pocket WiFi

  • Loadable data promos

  • Family Sharing

  • One time payment
















Load and monitor your Prepaid WiFi

As easy as 1-2-3 with the user-friendly Globe At Home app!

  • 1

    ACTIVATE your free 10 GB.

  • 2

    TRACK your data usage.

  • 3

    BOOST your Prepaid WiFi with your favorite HomeSURF promo.

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Prepaid Devices

Eager to explore the world at large? Get a headstart with our other available products while waiting for your area to become serviceable.

Xtreme Home Prepaid WiFi

P4,999 P1,999

Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi



Globe Prepaid Mobile WiFi

P1,295 P999
















Enjoy flexible data, fast WiFi, and a convenient way to get connected with Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi! Want a Globe At Home Plan but Globe broadband isn’t available in your area? No worries! Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi’s got you covered.

Now you only have to pay for what you need. Say goodbye to not making the most of your data allocation or going over and paying extra. Tailor your home WiFi to your needs and your budget! Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi introduces another level of convenience. DSL and fiber internet plans use wires that have to make their way through your house. Our Prepaid WiFi uses a wireless connection so you don’t ever have to worry about bad weather snapping your connection!

Get Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi and enjoy high-speed internet you have control over! Buy yours now for your home here at the Globe Online Shop!

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