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Huawei is at it again with producing one of the best smartphone cameras in the market. Partnering with Leica, this globally renowned smartphone developer has co-engineered and integrated Leica cameras into their designs. This brings a whole new level of smartphone photography that avid photographers alike can enjoy.

As a part of their brand and identity, Huawei is committed to produce premium products that will meet—then surpass—the current standards of the smartphone and the tablet. They want to provide their users with powerful Huawei mobiles that can boast sophistication and exceptional performance.

Huawei mobiles are iconic for their FullView Display, which has introduced a more exciting and cinematic viewing experience. For binge-watchers and film enthusiasts, watching or streaming their favorite shows and movies can become a truly immersive experience.

Along with their many innovative breakthroughs, Huawei mobiles are also known for their impressive core processors and for installing the first Kirin AI Processor in their Huawei Mate 10. These small but dynamic chips will deliver maximum efficiency at optimum speeds, meaning gamers, photographers, and editors can easily complete their tasks without compromising their creativity.

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