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Maximize your WiFi connection and experience seamless streaming by adding these devices to your Globe At Home Plan!


Change the way you watch TV with Globe Streamwatch!

Get it with Globe At Home Plan 1299 Go Big or add it to your current Globe At Home Plan.

  • Streamwatch Roku Powered

    LIMITED OFFER of P50/month for 24 months*

    Stream your favorite TV shows on 100+ free channels with Globe STREAMWATCH Roku Powered!

  • Google Chromecast 2

    P50/month for 24 months

    Cast movies and videos from the phone to the TV. Best for smartphone lovers.

  • Android TV

    P100/month for 24 months

    Access 1,000,000+ videos, movies, and games from the Google Play Store, YouTube, and other apps. Best for Android users.


Get the most out your fast internet with these broadband devices.

Add these to your Globe At Home Plan and enjoy uninterrupted browsing and streaming!

  • TPLink WiFi Mesh

    P150/month for 24 months

    Stream and browse all day with a strong and secure WiFi connection complete with parental control features.

  • Airties WiFi Mesh

    P150/month for 24 months

    Extend the range of your WiFi hotspot at home! Stay online in every corner of every room.