Maximize your WiFi connection and experience seamless streaming by adding these devices to your Globe At Home Plan!


Change the way you watch TV with Globe Streamwatch!

Get it with Globe At Home Plan 1699 Go Big or add it to your current Globe At Home Plan.

  • Streamwatch Roku Powered

    P100/month for 24 months

    Stream your favorite TV shows on 100+ free channels with Globe STREAMWATCH Roku Powered!

  • Android TV

    P150/month for 24 months

    Access 1,000,000+ videos, movies, and games from the Google Play Store, YouTube, and other apps. Best for Android users.


Get the most out your fast internet with these broadband devices.

Add these to your Globe At Home Plan and enjoy uninterrupted browsing and streaming!

  • TP-Link WiFi Mesh

    P150/month for 24 months

    Stream and browse all day with a strong and secure WiFi connection complete with parental control features.

Level-up your Globe At Home experience together with our broadband devices! Get access to fast and reliable unlimited internet for your home. Match it with devices that will complete your home entertainment system, widen your WiFi coverage, and guarantee your safety online.

Make your family time more fun and entertaining with the Roku-powered Streamwatch. Plug this device to your TV, connect to your WiFi network, and enjoy seamless streaming to your favorite TV shows on 100+ free channels available. Netflix, HOOQ, Youtube, and more apps are just a click away. Now, you can spend your lazy weekends on an all-night TV marathon with the whole family.

Let there be internet connection throughout your entire home with TP-Link WiFi Mesh. This 2020, go a step further with your WiFi security. Experience ideal connectivity on all devices without compromising the speed and coverage. With this device, you’ll have an added protection to your home’s online connection.

Look forward to an enjoyable entertainment marathon with the whole fam whenever you like, and a stable internet connection with extra protection to your online encounters. Apply for a Globe At Home Broadband plan and avail of the streaming devices here at the Globe Online Shop.