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Globe At Home WiFi Bundle

Secure WiFi Bundle | 3 TP-Links

  6 months access to these content

wifi bundle content

  Unlimited landline calls to Globe/TM for FREE for 24 months

  P1,000 modem installation amortized for three months

For 50Mbps bundle and up:

  FREE device setup and configuration via the Globe Tech Squad

  Access to the VIP Hotline (02) 730-1888

Globe At Home TP-Link

*Exclusive discount for existing Globe mobile customers.

WiFi bundle blocking and monitoring

Monitor your kids' online activities

WiFi bundle every corner

Expand WiFi connection in every corner of your home

WiFi bundle devices safe

Keep your devices safe and free from online threats with the built-in antivirus feature

WiFi bundle prioritize devices

Manage devices connected to the WiFi

Available with these plans

Download movies in minutes, game seamlessly, and stream instantly in HD with Plans 1999 and 2199. The whole family and your barkada can have a safe and high-speed streaming experience with Plans 2799 and 3199.

1999 2199 2499 2899

Call in the Globe Tech Squad!

  • Consult with experts on how to make a digitally intelligent home
  • Get recommendations in strengthening your broadband experience
  • Learn how to sync devices to your WiFi
  • Our team of experts will come to you to install and optimize your Globe At Home experience
  • FREE Tech Squad service for Secure WiFi bundle plans with 50mbps and up
Globe Tech Squad

Equip your home with the Secure WiFi bundle to complete your Globe At Home experience! Choose the broadband plan bundle that fits you and your home best!

With 3 TP-Link routers, you can expand your broadband coverage throughout your entire house. It's also built-in with an antivirus and parental controls for safe browsing. Now you can feel confident and secure that your family safe browsing the web. Let your kids be safe in all their online exploration.

Get the speed you feel is right. The Secure WiFi Bundle comes at different speeds: Plan 1999 10MBPS, Plan 2199 25MBPS, Plan 2799 50MBPS, and Plan 3199 100MBPS. Whether it’s for a small or large home and family, the Globe At Home Secure WiFi bundle has something for you!

Plus, if you need recommendations on what bundle to get or how to improve your home network, send in the experts from Tech Squad! Connect broadband to your home with these new broadband bundle deals.