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Da Vinci Kids

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Da Vinci Kids!


Create a bright future for the next generation through edutainment. Keep young minds engaged with fun and creative programs while simultaneously expanding their knowledge!

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Step 1

Download the Da Vinci Kids app on the App Store (for Apple users) or Google Play Store (for Android users).

Step 2

Open the app and click Subscribe.

Step 3

Choose the exclusive Globe offer.

Step 4

Answer the adult verification question.

Step 5

Enter your mobile phone number.

Step 6

Enter the PIN code sent to your mobile.

Step 7

Welcome to Da Vinci Kids!

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Da Vinci Kids is now in the Philippines! Learn how to subscribe to Da Vinci Kids by following the steps above. Da Vinci Kids offers premium edutainment in the form of fun learning shows and programs tailored especially for young, growing minds.

Most kids today have access to mobile phones and tablets where they can easily find content online without adult supervision. The Da Vinci Kids Learning App offers a safe, video sharing platform for children that seek to nurture their curiosities with educational programs with creativity and humor.

The constant absorption of knowledge and exploration of the world doesn’t stop in the classroom. Da Vinci Kids provides learning benefits at home or on the go with its more than 3000 hours of videos about a world of topics. Whether your kids are into sports, art, science, or tech, there’s something on Da Vinci Kids that’s sure to pique their interest!

Get a Da Vinci Kids Subscription from Globe now and start engaging the young generation with fun and creative learning content!