0917 Retro Print Pouch

395.00 PHP

One stop for your needs

At 8.5 x 5.5 inches, this pouch can store your essentials. Keep them safe and easy to take out.

Go Retro!

Relive your favorite 80's style with this 0917 retro-printed pouch. Bring it to your retro-themed parties!

A stronghold for your stuff

Made from canvas and built with a strong zipper, this bag is strong enough for your phone and wallet.

Feel the vibe of the past with the 0917 Retro Print Pouch! For your next Retro-themed party, match this cute little pouch with your Retro clothing so you can complete your look! Place your smartphones, money, and keys in this pouch and make it easy for you shop or party. Here's more of what you can do with your new pouch!

Measuring 8.5 x 5.5 inches, this pouch has enough space to be used as a make-up kit pouch, pen pouch, or even as a pouch for toiletries. On casual days, you can wander around the neighborhood and explore new shops in malls with only this small pouch on your hand. It's made from a canvas material, so it's sturdy enough to hold all your stuff while you travel under the sun or rain.

Retro-designed items are never out of style. Get the 0917 Retro Print Pouch only here at Globe Online Shop!

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