0917 Two-Toned Cap

695.00 PHP

Cap for all seasons

Keep the sun's glare away from your eyes and protect your head from the rain with this 0917 cap.

Be proud of where you belong

With a big 0917 embroidery on the front, take pride in the 0917 culture while wearing this cap.

Dress trendy and smart

Pull off a stylish and comfortable attire every time. It's made from brushed twill, making it lightweight and washable.

The cap is your everyday headgear. The rounded crown protects your head from the scorching heat or chilly rain, while the stiff peak in front protects your eyes from the glare of the sun. Whatever your profession is, whether a baseball player or a uniformed personnel, the cap is always handy.

This is why the 0917 Two-Toned Cap should be the next item in your online shopping cart. If you're a Ka-Globe who likes to wear a cap while commuting or traveling, this is the ideal headgear for you. Made of brush twill fabric, it's resistant to tearing, easy to clean, and lightweight. Plus, it's a fashionable headgear for your casual get up. If your top and bottom have the same colors as this two-toned cap, you'd have found the perfect pair. Now you have a cap that you can wear everywhere!

There's another feature that the cap is famous for—the logo. Sports teams and organizations usually place their logos on the front to showcase their brand. With an embroidered "0917" on the front of the 0917 Two-Toned Cap, now you can showcase your company while you head out to the mall, jog around the park, or take a leisurely walk.

Match your workout clothes with this cap to achieve a sporty look. It's not only a men's cap; it's a women's cap too. Buy your caps online especially here at Globe Online Shop!

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