Taclob - Courage (Earthquake Go Bag)

2000.00 PHP

Multiple scenario disaster ready bag

Prepare for the big one. Pack first aid kits, batteries, flashlight, water, food, and essentials in a single waterproof bag.

Built for the flood

Made from waterproof Maruyama Tarpaulin and strong nylon strap with foam. This bag also works as a life-vest!


Designed by the survivors of Typhoon Haiyan. Get this bag to support their advocacy and promote disaster preparedness.

Don’t settle for low-quality products when dealing with your safety and security. Get the durable, weatherproof, and Filipino-made Taclob – Courage (Earthquake Go Bag).

Survival bag for the big one
Typhoons and torrential monsoon are becoming more frequent. Plus, we're already due for a great earthquake. Get an emergency backpack that will contain everything you need to survive.

Sustainable life saver
This waterproof backpack is made from high-grade materials from Japan. Not only it helps the environment, you can also wear this bag as a life vest. Have the tool that can save your life if you get stuck in a flash flood or storm surge.

For all ages
Ensure your family's safety at all times because you’ll ever know when disaster will occur. Get one Taclob – Courage (Earthquake Go Bag) for each member of your family.

Tacloban City, Phillippines has the first-hand experience of the strongest storm recorded at landfall. Let's learn from this by preparing for the next typhoon, monsoon, or earthquake. Always put important stuff in one place so if a calamity hits you, you only need to grab that one bag and run for safety. Get the Taclob – Courage (Earthquake Go Bag) only here at Globe Online Shop today.

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