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Globe At Home Plan 1299

Rosela Costelo I'm satisfied with the current plan 1299 with 400g and 5 mbps. However, if u have offered this new upgraded plan to new subscribers which equates to our current plan. It should be the old plan should also be upgraded to have sound fairness. Thanks... July 13, 2020
Reb thank you for nice service we hope you will continue to give more offers in the future thanks solid globe postpaid and broadband customer. February 14, 2019
Joanna Ross This is perfect if you will connect 3 devices. It's fast and more reliable than the usual provider. Just make sure that your area is fibre optic ready under Globe. Definitely worth it. We actually don't utilize the whole 400GB every month but it's fine! January 29, 2019
Globe At Home Plan 1299
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What's in this plan?

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    Maximum browsing speed


    500GB Internet Data

    Refreshes every month


    Unlimited Calls

    For Globe/TM, Local area landline and NDD

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    Total Monthly Recurring Fee:
    One-time Cash-out:
    Base plan P1,299.00


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    Base plan
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    Globe At Home Plan 1299

    Experience high-speed internet at an affordable price with Globe At Home Plan 1299. Enjoy limitless browsing and high-speed internet for only 1299/month. Make the switch to your ideal wireless broadband plan, and welcome Globe At Home!

    Next-Level Surfing

    Make the most out of your weekend Netflix binge or all-night gaming sessions with your friends. Globe At Home Plan 1299 allows you to browse and surf the net worry-free! It’s all you’ll need to enjoy your favorite content.

    Stable and Reliable

    Get a reliable 10Mbps from your new fiber optic internet connection. Take a deep dive through the endless world of online learning and enjoy countless smooth and seamless online classes. Treat yourself to a lag and buffer-free online school internet experience with Globe At Home Plan 1299.

    Easy Application

    Checking which home broadband internet plans are in your area is easy. Visit our website, open our area serviceability tracker, input your address, and browse all the available choices! Now, you’ll be just a few clicks away from next-level access.

    Hook your home up with Globe At Home Go Plan 1299 today, and enjoy 500GB of high-speed fiber internet of up to 10Mbps every month. You can also check out other high-speed Globe internet plans and promos here at the Globe Online Shop!