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Globe At Home Plan 2499

Jmar Im very satisfied with my 50mbps 600gb data allowance. Di namin nauubos and im so glad walang downtime very good job globe best internet in my area so far. February 08, 2019
Joven The Globe technician was kind enough to provide 2 anchor supports for the main Internet wire from the street to our house. He said only one anchor support was allowed per line, but for stronger support and more stable connection, he installed 2. Once turned on, the internet speed was at fluctuating between 88 and 101.8MBs, which is good enough for me. Netflix immediately texted me the redemption link. Thank Globe! August 20, 2018
enzo gonzales quick and fast installation! Within 48 hours, I already had a service running. Very fast internet so far! May 15, 2018
Globe At Home Plan 2499
    What's in this plan?

    plan inclusions



      Maximum browsing speed


      1TB Internet Data

      Refreshes every month


      Unlimited Calls

      For Globe/TM, Local area landline and NDD


      Entertainment Subscriptions

      Access to premium entertainment


    • Save P1,000

      Globe Mobile postpaid subscibers get FREE installation.

    Watch more or extend your broadband experience with these add-ons:

      Base Plan Only (default)

      Android TV

      Features and inclusions:
      • Android TV
      • Bluetooth voice remote control
      • HDMI cable
      • Google Cast built-in
      • Up to 4K 60fps video resolution
      Monthly recurring cash-out (24 month/s) P150.00
      Initial cash-out (one-time) P0.00


      Total Monthly Recurring Fee:
      One-time Cash-out:
      Base plan P2,499.00


      Monthly Recurring Fees (MRF)
      Base plan
      Device cash-out:
      Total subscription fees :
      One-time Cash-out:

      Total Payment

      You've reached the maximum number of item(s) allowed for this product

      Globe at Home Plan 2499
      Why settle for less than a large data allocation, fast internet speed, and premium entertainment apps? Get all that and more with Globe at Home Plan 2499.

      Massive Data Allowance
      A standout among our Globe broadband plans, it includes a whopping 1TB of monthly data for you to maximize your browsing experience without having to worry about data consumption. We’ve stepped up our Globe data promos, so you can access your favorite content with ease.

      High-Speed Connection
      Powered by fiber optic technology, our network enables you to browse the web at speeds of up to 100Mbps. Now you can connect with loved ones here and abroad at the click of a button! Instant messaging? Not a problem. Conference calls? Keep at it nonstop.

      Exceptional Streaming Experience
      Binge-watch your go-to tv series, stream your favorite vlogs, and play your beloved video games in the comfort of your home; Globe at Home Plan 2499 makes each one a seamless experience. Staying home on the weekends has never sounded so tempting.

      Enjoy a fast and reliable connection like you deserve via a fiber network. Apply for Globe at Home Plan 2499 today at the Globe Online Shop, and experience the future of home internet.