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Xtreme WiFi Plan 1499

Xtreme WiFi Plan 1499
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  • Please take note that total cash payment upon delivery of modem is P1,799.00
  • P1499 advanced monthly service fee plus P300 delivery fee. Delivery of modem will be within 7 business days.


Total Monthly Recurring Fee:
One-time Cash-out:
Base plan P1,499.00


Monthly Recurring Fees (MRF)
Base plan
Device cash-out:
Total subscription fees :
One-time Cash-out:

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Xtreme WiFi Plan 1499

Committed to delivering only the best, Globe has pioneered an all-in-one entertainment box to make your home experience a lot more exciting. Reimagine how you access and enjoy the web with your family on our Xtreme WiFi Plan 1499.

Groundbreaking Experience

A home entertainment system powered by a reliable and fast internet connection? That’s all you and your family need to browse, stream, play games, and watch local channels from sunup to sundown. It’s comfort, convenience, and content like you deserve.

Next-Level Network

Connect your home to one of the best WiFi plans available among internet service providers in the country. Xtreme WiFi Plan 1499 equips you with 2X faster speeds and a big data allocation, so you can go beyond the borders of everyday entertainment.

All-Out Entertainment

Remember to keep the remote handy. Xtreme postpaid WiFi is designed to give you and your loved ones easy access to streaming sites and local channels. That’s Youtube and other amazing apps right within the palms of your hands and up on your screens.

Find out more about Xtreme WiFi plans at the Globe Online Shop now, and apply for Xtreme WiFi Plan 1499 today! It’s guaranteed to redefine your home internet experience.