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Supremo 4k WiFi Action Camera Bundles

5364.00 PHP

A complete package

Head out to your next #TravelGoals with everything you need to make it memorable

Your next travel buddy is here: Supremo 4k WiFi Action Camera. One of the best action cameras on the market today just got an upgrade. It now features a higher resolution recording capability, durability, and longer battery life.

4K recording capability

The new Supremo spec can shoot videos of up to 4,000 horizontal pixels at 24 frames per second. With higher quality videos, see great details of your adventures on your full HD TV. Watch that video where your sweat drip from your head while riding down the zip line!

From up in the mountains, go down to the sea

This sports camera is designed to withstand immersion in up to 30 meters (or 98 feet) of seawater. Document the most unique (or scary) creatures you’ll find under the sea. Show your friends how deep you can dive (and how long can you hold your breath). Whether you’re a snorkeler, scuba diver, or free diver, Supremo 4K is there to capture it all.

Capturing your adventures from start to finish

Supremo 4k WiFi Action Camera comes with two (2) 1,000mAh batteries, each capable of recording up to 100 minutes of video. The combined batteries allow you to shoot videos of your road trip, your 3-day trek, your swim in the waterfalls, and your return trip.

A wider view of the world

Add the Jackpod Monopod with your Supremo 4K before you head out. On the peak of a mountain you just conquered, capture a shot of you standing under a breathtaking sunrise! Extend your monopod and get everyone together in one photo.

Your Supremo anywhere you go

Place your Supremo 4K in a handy travel bag and keep it safe and secure from bumps, rain, or dirt. With its black cover and cool logo, it's designed to look like your action camera. If you have a carabiner, clip it into the bag's built-in loop so you can hang it on on your pack or belt.

Once you get home, use the exclusive Supremo App to edit your videos. Supremo 4k Camera is compatible with both Android and Apple devices. Check out the bundles in store for you and get yours before time runs out!

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