AEC Bluetooth Speaker

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Pump up the volume with hip-hop, jazz, or RnB with the versatile and portable AEC Bluetooth Speaker!

For both work and play
Featuring a built-in mic, the AEC Bluetooth Speaker allows you to take important calls, hands-free. Switching from a phone call to your favorite music has never been this easy and convenient.

Indoors, out there, or on air
Flexibility is one of the best assets of the AEC. With an FM radio function, you can easily flip back and forth between your latest Spotify playlist and your favorite FM radio station. AEC undoubtedly brings variation and control in one compact and lightweight Bluetooth speaker.

Easily handy
With convenient buttons for volume adjustment, music, and hands-free call control, the AEC Bluetooth Speaker definitely brings you a user-friendly listening experience. This small device packs quite a punch with blinking lights that impressively match the beat and a 3.5mm auxiliary cord for wired function versatility.