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AEC BQ-618 Bluetooth Headphones

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Echo Cancellation Technology

Hear your music clearly without the traffic noise of the concrete jungle.

Talk anytime of the day

With its built-in microphone that supports digital signal processing, answer phone calls while listening to music.

Unleash your moves anywhere

With Bluetooth V3.0+EDR, sway your body to the rhythm without annoying cables blocking your moves.

Welcome the day with good tunes to keep your good vibes flowing. The AEC BQ-618 Bluetooth Headphones is trendy, comfy, and durable - fit for your everyday life.

Complement your style
The AEC BQ-618 has a minimalist design that can match any outfit you wear for school or office. Walk the busy streets of the city and be an eye-catcher. Achieve the look you want on your weekend getaway sporting this Bluetooth headphones. With this headphones around your neck, strike a pose for your Instagram feed.

It doesn’t wear you down
This wireless headphones are lightweight and comfortable to use. Play music and start the day with a good mood. With buttons placed strategically near the ear muffs, it's easier to control your music and calls. Wear it and play your favorite tunes all day so you can ignite your creative juices and become more productive.

Match your pace
Keep yourself inspired and motivated during a busy day at work or school. This AEC headphones can work for up to 10 hours of play time and 12 hours of talk time. When it runs out of power, fully charge it in only 2.5 hours. Now you can use more of your time having fun rather than waiting for it to power up. Take it with you on your next trip on the weekends to keep your energy pumped up.

The AEC BQ-618 Bluetooth Headphones is yours for the taking. Simply click Add to Cart and experience good quality music. Check out more AEC products here at Globe Online Shop and make life more colorful with music.