Apacer AH180 Type C

1595.00 PHP

Expansive technology

With its On-The-Go function, plug a keyboard or other OTG compatible devices to expand your smartphone’s capacity.

Unprecedented convenience

Thanks to its reversible-plug design, eliminate the inconvenience of incorrectly plugging and damaging your USB slot.

Widespread compatibility

As an AH180 USB 3.1 dual flash drive, share files among tablets and mobile devices faster than conventional OTG’s.

Meet business demands and impress your colleagues with a flash drive that offers the best features for all your needs. The Apacer AH180 Type C delivers expansive compatibility and large external memory in a convenient design. Now you can easily stay productive in all your daily tasks!

Small device, big capacity
Don’t be deceived by its small size. With this On-The-Go USB, carry a large number of files without taking much storage space. Pair your smartphone with a keyboard, mouse, external drive, or other OTG-compatible devices to explore more possibilities with your gadget.

Plug and play
Say goodbye to stubborn flash drives that just won’t fit the first time around. With a reversible-plug feature, access all your files in one go. Save your USB ports from unwanted scratches and keep your laptop damage-free.

Business on the go
With your USB 3.1 dual flash drive, take your business with you for planning pitches and preparing reports. This feature quickly transfers files among laptops, mobile devices, and traditional computers at an average speed of 16.6 mbps.
Your business plans, PowerPoint slides, images, and other important documents are easily accessible with the Apacer AH180 Type C. With a reversible-plug, On-The-Go USB, and USB 3.1 functionality, the flash drive of your dreams is now within reach. View this and other USB memory sticks at the Globe Online Shop!

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