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Apricot Memory Card

549.00 PHP

Capture your most extreme adventures

Apricot is temperature-proof, shockproof, waterproof, and magnet-proof. Bring this to hot beaches or rain-drenched mountains.

Ensure the safety of your most important files

Apricot is built with DataSafe feature. Keep your old files intact while you record new ones.

Compatible with all microSD-compliant devices

Free your Android phone's memory space. Shoot more scenes of outdoor trips and sporting competitions.

There are already so many things that people want to store on their phones. It's now essential for a phone to have an extra storage space that's high-capacity, durable, and trustworthy. With Apricot Memory Card, now you can take a lot more photos and videos with your device without worrying about storage space!

Remember that satisfying feeling when you free your phone from extra files and it suddenly performs a lot faster? This 16GB storage device can hold all those extra files. Free it up and enjoy more movies, music, and games! Plus, it features DataSafe technology, which gives your memory device that extra level of security to prevent your precious files from getting corrupted.

Apricot is also temperature-proof, shockproof, waterproof, and magnet proof. Wherever you go, whether at the hot beach or up on the wet mountains, your files are secured inside your camera memory card.

Capture as many moments as you want now that you have an extra storage space. Apricot Memory Card is compatible with all microSD card compliant devices so get one for your gadget now! If you're looking for other memory cards online, find them here at Globe Online Shop!

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Compatibility All microSD compliant devices
Features DataSafe
Internal Memory 16GB
Security Temperature-proof, shockproof, waterproof, and magnet-proof