Apricot OTG

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Run out of phone memory? Get the Apricot OTG to extend the storage space of your phone and make your device run smoothly again. This flash drive for iPhone is convenient, fast, and matches the unique design of your smartphone!

The more, the merrier!
The Apricot OTG for apple devices has an internal  memory of 32GB for saving more large file movies and videos. Bring it with you when you want to watch your favorite TV shows on a lazy weekend, or you need to show a client your latest portfolio.

Good to go on almost all Apple devices
This iPhone flash drive easily transfers files, photos, and videos between iPhone, iPad, iPod, PCs and Mac Computers. It can serve as a back-up drive for your files in case one file got corrupted or accidentally erased. Also, it’s MFi Certified and supports IOS 7.1.1 or higher. 

Stylish and secured
Aside from the Apricot OTG’s big memory and fast transfer capabilities, it also has a minimalist design that matches the classic design of your Apple devices. An amazing add-on is that this flash drive supports file encryption, which locks your files with a passcode so no one can snoop around on your files.