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Black Eye Full Frame Fisheye Lens

2290.00 PHP

The world in fisheye

Create unique 180° images of stunning landscapes, awesome skateboard jumps, and powerful portraits!

Edge to edge sharpness

The 15mm lens captures more areas like a 35mm format camera, maintains natural colors, and prevents reflections.

Clip it and snap away

The clipper attachment can be attached to the front or rear cameras of any smartphone or tablet.

In the pursuit of creating better photos, people are experimenting with different camera tools and accessories to achieve it. One of these tools is a unique lens that can fit any camera phone. Start shooting great photos with the Black Eye Full Frame Fisheye Lens!

This fish-eye lens can achieve clear, corner to corner full frame photos with an awesome sharp 180° angle view. Let your friends take a picture of your intense skateboarding moves. On your travels, capture the sweetest sunrise you’ve ever seen. Built with high-quality double-coated glass, Black Eye maintains the natural colors and prevents unwanted reflections. 

You can attach this Black Eye lens by simply clipping it on your front or rear cam. The clipping attachment system keeps the rear elements of your lens clean when not in use. This universal clip lens has a silicone padding which ensures the best possible grip on the smartphone.

Up your smartphone photography and discover what more you can do while using this lens. This fish lens price is at Php 2,290. Get the Black Eye Full Frame Fisheye Lens here at Globe Online Shop!

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