BlueAnt Pump Mini 2 In-Ear Wireless Sportbuds

4390.00 PHP

Spice up your active lifestyle

The lightweight and wireless Pump Mini2 produces stunning HD audio. With every beat, motivate yourself to push harder!

Keep burning those calories

This sportbud features IP54-waterproof rating. No matter how hard you workout, sweat won't damage your earphones.

Perfect fit

The package contains 4 stabilizer sizes and tips. Choose the one that perfectly fits your ears!

Music can help you in your workout. You can move with the rhythm or time yourself based on the number of songs. But these wouldn't be possible if your earphones produce distorted sounds or are easily damaged by sweat. With BlueAnt Pump Mini 2 In-Ear Wireless Sportbuds, let great sounds keep your motivated! No more worrying about sweat or a little rain damaging your earphones. Here's your new partner in your pursuit for healthier living.

With a wireless sports headphones, now you can jog, run, or hit the gym without any wires blocking your way. The lightweight design also makes BlueAnt Pump comfortable to wear during your workout. Without that annoying pain on your ears, focus and enjoy your routine. Plus, these in-ear headphones are sweat proof. Let your sweat or the rain drip! Worrying about damaging your earphones stops with BlueAnt Pump.

This premium in-ear headset can work for 6 straight hours on a single charge. Even a 30-minute rapid charge is enough to keep your earphones working. This is perfect for those who's always in a hurry to catch the gym schedule. Plus, it's built with a one-touch control. Answer calls, change tracks, or adjust the volume of your music. When you’re not working out, simply store your headset into a deluxe carry case. Get yourself a BlueAnt Pump Mini 2 In-Ear Wireless Sportbuds! Start making your active lifestyle more fun!

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