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Boompods Downdraft Speaker

2210.00 PHP
  • Portable 3-watt pod speaker with passive subwoofer that produces rich sound and deep bass
  • Long-lasting battery that can play music up to 8 hours
  • Connects via 3.5mm audio cable or via Bluetooth with a 10 meter operating range

Boompods Downdraft is not one of those ordinary mini speakers. Designed in the UK, it is portable, lightweight, wireless, colorful, and most of all, awesome in sound quality.

Down-Facing Speakers

A downdraft is a terrific atmospheric phenomenon where a high pressure region attracts air from its surrounding area, which is then pulled towards the center and sinks. As the rotating air moves outward from the center, the result is mayhem on the ground.

The Downdraft is inspired by the same system. But instead of spreading chaos, it spreads sound waves.

Most speakers are either pointing towards the sides or upwards. The Downdraft, however, has an unorthodox design where its three-watt speakers face downwards. By facing it down, sound waves bounce up from the surface where it is placed, and these sound waves spread evenly outwards. The result is as awesome and immense sound quality, unique for its small stature. The Downdraft is an excellent portable speaker to use when you’re in a room with all your crew!

Spreading Good Vibes

With the Downdraft, you’re not only spreading sound waves; you’re spreading good vibes.

Designed to spread music from the inside and out, place your Downdraft on any table, surface, or platform, as long as it’s in the center of the room. As a Bluetooth speaker, connect the speaker wirelessly to your mobile device and start playing your favorite tunes. Share the honor of being the DJ to your friends by letting them play their own music on your Downdraft.

Since it is pocket-sized, bring your Downdraft wherever you’re going or whatever you’re up to. Whether it’s a group project or chill-time with your friends, be equipped with the perfect wireless speaker so everyone can appreciate some of good music, or videos if you like. With no batteries needed, simply plug in your Downdraft to any outlet. When fully-charged, enjoy up to seven and a half hours of playback!

Spreading your Style

Spread not only your music, but also your style. It looks so unique people might mistook it for an art decoration or awesome paperweight! The Downdraft comes in White and Green colors. Plus, its outer layer has a soft touch finish which is good to grip and comfortable to hold.

With the Boompods Downdraft, spread your music anywhere and everywhere.

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Battery Built-in lithium battery
Color White, Green
Connectivity Connects via bluetooth v3.0
Playback Up to 6 hours
Weight 139g