Boompods Rokpod Bluetooth Speaker

1990.00 PHP

Small speaker, massive sound

Rockpod is built with nano speaker technology and a passive bass system for powerful music.

Multi-layered rock hard body

With IPX7 rating, it's water and shock-resistant. It withstands immersion up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes.

Inspired by climbing ropes

With its integrated braided cable, simply tie this speaker on your bag and go climb that wall!

It’s always more fun to travel with music playing in the background. However, it’s more fun when your audio device is compact, water and shock proof, and easy to carry around. Bring Boompods Rokpod Bluetooth Speaker to your next adventure!

Pack a big sound
Go camping on mountains or beaches with your Rokpod. Its 32mm driver delivers big sound even for its small size. Connect your device to your speaker via Bluetooth 4.1 and play for up to 5 hours!

Ideal for any terrain
Hiking, swimming, rock climbing, or rappelling - Boompods Rokpod can fit into any environment! Rokpod has an IPX7 waterproof seal that lets you dance in the rain or take a dip in the pool. Plus, this shockproof speaker has a multi-layered rock hard design. No matter how hard you get bumped or bruised on your trip, your speaker will be just fine. With Rokpod, anything is possible.

Tag it along with you
Rokpod has an integrated cable inspired from rock climbers. Simply tie your waterproof speaker on your bag and let music accompany you while you climb. When not in use, just let it dangle and it will be just there where you place it.

Boompods Rokpod is more than just a music player. Using this speaker with microphone, you can answer calls, too. Check out this Boompods speaker price and other Boompods products here at Globe Online Shop.

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