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Boompods Sportpods Enduro Headphones

2990.00 PHP

For all endurance sports

Get up to 12 hours of playtime. Boompods stays on for your 3-day workouts or entire 42km full-marathons.

Great workout partner

Enduro is a sweat-resistant over-ear hook headphones. Keep the music playing in your ear while you jog or lift.

Control your music while you move

Adjust your volume, skip songs, and take calls in one touch with its integrated music control and mic.

Boompods Sportspods Enduro is a powerful headset that can match any active lifestyle. It features a long-lasting battery, wireless connection, and sweatproof design - all combined to help you become unstoppable in your workouts.

As enduring as you
No matter how long you work out, Boompods Sportspods can keep up with you. With a battery capacity lasting for up to 12 hours straight, attend your workout sessions without needing to charge every day. For seasoned athletes, keep your music pacing you so you can finish your 42km full-marathon!

Liberty from wires
Do all the activities you love to do with a boost of music. These wireless headphones have a secure over-ear hook design that'll prevent it from falling off. Plus, these Boompods headphones can be connected to your device via Bluetooth CSR 4.0. With your accessory secure on your ears and no wires blocking your way, now you can move freely to jog, run, bike, or lift. Accomplish your routines hands-free!

More sweat means more fun
Sweat is a welcome result from living an active lifestyle. But not for typical headphones. Good thing these sports headphones are sweatproof. With an IPX6 rating, feel free to sweat profusely and know that it won't damage your headphones. It also won’t hurt your Boompods if you jog under a light shower of rain.

You can surely finish your sets with a long playlist keeping you company. These are only some of the amazing spec of Boompods Sportspods Enduro. And when you’re on your recovery day, keep your headset secured in its drawstring sportsbag. To experience all these and more, get yours here at Globe Online Shop today!

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