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Camera Clip On Lens Kit

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  • Universal 2-in-1 clip-on lens for smartphones, made with high-quality aluminum
  • Fisheye and macro lens with 0.31X and 5X magnification
  • Minimum focus distance of 40mm for fisheye and 18mm for macro

2-in-1 Camera Clip on Lens Kit Fish Eye is here to make sure you’ll always be in the picture. If you’re the type who is tired of extending your arms farther or wastes time setting up a tripod just so you can include yourself in the picture, then this fisheye lens is what you need! Check out this universal clip lens review to get to know more about clip lens function.

You don’t just capture everyone in the picture. You can also take creative images. Fish eye lens create a unique distortion, similar to what you see when looking through a door peephole. Take group shots with your friends with the entire island landscape and skies as your background.  With its fisheye 0.31X + Macro 5X Mount lens, which consist of three glass elements in three housing groups, you can shoot everything in confined spaces or shoot clear close ups of subjects. It’s compatible with the lens construction of most phones, so you can attach this to your phone whether it’s iOS or Android.

Your best clip on lens is made with high-quality Aluminum. It has a minimum focus distance of 40mm/Macro - 18mm, letting you take professional shots of room or car interiors. Using your mobile photography lens kit, stitch your images together in 360-degree panoramas. Get your 2-in-1 Camera Clip on Lens Kit here at Globe Online Shop!