DeFunc Go Hybrid Earbuds

490.00 PHP

For multitaskers!

Here's an optimal earbud for you who needs it both as a music player and a hands-free mic.

Superior sound

Listen to high-quality audio for music and calls. DeFunc features dynamic 14mm HIFI drivers and directed sound technology.

Be aware of your surroundings

Built with ambient sound awareness. Hear voice calls loud and clear without completely blocking the noise around you.

Jam out to your favorite tunes and get in touch with loved ones easily. With DeFunc Go Hybrid Earbuds, get the best of music and calls in one device! It features high-quality audio, built-in microphone, and compatibility with most devices. Find out more about this nifty in-ear headset.

Great sounds for both functions
Get awesome audio for both business and leisure. Go Hybrid has 14mm high-fidelity drivers that deliver directed sound. Plus, the sound quality is optimized for both speech and music.

For smooth contacting
Finalize plans, hold brief meetings, and check up on your family over the phone easily! Your DeFunc headset comes with a built-in microphone. Its superior quality ensures clear communication between you and the person on the other end. Plus, it allows for ambient sound awareness, mixing in sound from your environment for greater awareness of your surroundings. Jog at night but stay alert for any dangers.

Use with your other devices
Are you a techie with a highly upgraded digital lifestyle and uses multiple gadgets at the same time? These DeFunc earbuds are great for you. Its microphone and remote are compatible with most devices – iOS, Android, Windows, and more.

With the DeFunc Go Hybrid Earbuds, it's easy to go from work to play and vice versa! Grab yours today here at the Globe Online Shop.

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