DeFunc Go Music Earbuds

490.00 PHP

Hugs your ears perfectly

Designed with silicone plugs to keep your ears comfy while you listen to music all day.

Satisfying to your ears

Feel the deep bass, clear treble, and balanced mid-tones of your favorite songs.

Block the outside noise

The earplugs are enhanced with noise reduction technology so you won't hear the outside noise.

For those who love to listen to music from sun up ‘til sun down, the DeFunc Go Music earbuds are right for you. It has pleasant buds, great output, and noise reduction technology for you to enjoy your music even more.

Use it as much as you want
These in-ear earphones can help you get through your horrible commuting experience with music. It’s designed with silicone buds so it won’t hurt your ears even if you wear it all day. Simply plug in your Go Music and head out to start our day singing with your favorite artists. Keep your mood up especially when you’re in the middle of a traffic jam.

Find the perfect mood setter
Whether you’re into rock, acoustic, or classical music, these earbuds are ideal for you. It has deep bass, clear treble, and balanced mid-tones that guarantee delightful sounds. With a dynamic speaker at 14mm, be ready to have a powerful sound that will rock (or comfort) your soul.

Music + calls
Not only is these earbuds great for music, it can also be used to answer calls. With its built-in mic, shift from music to calls with one press of a button. The earbuds also have noise reduction capacity so you can hear your music or your friends' voices loud and clear.

DeFunc earphones always have a solution for your audio accessories. You don’t have to choose from so many options if you know what you want. When it comes to music, DeFunc Go Music Earbuds are the answer. Get it here at Globe Online Shop.

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