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DeFunc Go Talk Earbuds

490.00 PHP

Top choice for calling

Built with a superior mic. Go Talk is the ideal audio accessory for hands-free communication.

Clear calls, safe journey

The comfortable in-ear earbuds are voice-optimized. Plus, ambient sound awareness will still allow you to hear things around you.

No knots, no hassle

The flat 1.2m long cable won't easily get entangled. Quickly put on your earphones and answer the call!

Parents back at home? Colleagues working out-of-town? High school or college friends living abroad? No matter who you need to get in touch with, enjoy clear communication with the DeFunc Go Talk Earbuds! With a superior quality microphone, high-quality speech reproduction audio, and tangle-free cable, it's the audio accessory designed for heavy talkers. Read on to find out more about these in-ear earphones.

Coherent calls at your fingertips
Tired of experiencing muffled voices and having to repeat what you just said during phone calls? Say goodbye to these frustrations with DeFunc! These earphones come with a superior microphone that was optimized for voice. Now you can ensure clear communication with the person on the other end. This time, let your voice be clearly heard!

Quality audio for better and safer calls 
Get the full details of your conversations! The Go Talk has a 14mm dynamic cable and premium sound optimized for speech reproduction. Making or taking calls in a busy environment? Fortunately, it also allows for ambient sound awareness. This lets ambient noise in and helps you stay aware of your surroundings. It's an added safety feature, especially when you're on the phone on busy roads.

No need to untangle
Get straight to your phone call! These DeFunc earbuds have a 1.2m in-ear cable. It’s a flat cable which helps to lessen tangles. Now you won't have to spend time straightening out your earphones.

Grab your DeFunc Go Talk Earbuds here at the Globe Online Shop today!

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