DJI Osmo Mobile Gimbal Stabilizer

18300.00 PHP

Your smartphone into a smart motion camera

Create cinematic action videos, time lapse shots, slow motion captures, and panoramic views.

Keep all eyes on you and your friends

With ActiveTrack technology, keep your smartphone facing your subject as it moves.

Edit moments and share in real time

With the DJI Go app, edit photos and videos on the spot and share them on Facebook or YouTube.

With DJI Osmo Mobile Gimbal Stabilizer for Smartphones, be the director and star of your life's movies. It features a cool smartphone gimbal system, automatic functions, and user-friendly app. Start making your cinematic shots with your phone!

Smooth moves

Recording with your hands creates shaky photos and videos. Bringing a heavy tripod prevents you from moving with your subject while recording. With this video stabilizer, now you can eliminate all that shaking minus the bulky equipment. With a smartphone in one hand, run beside your friend and capture that awesome skateboard trick. You like selfies, right? Why not walk beside your partner at the beach and create lovely action selfies instead?

All automatic

This Android or iPhone video stabilizer can automatically shoot a creative video for you. Enable Active Tracker and record while you walk around your dancing friend. DJI Osmo will keep your smartphone pointed at your subject. Plus, enable motion time lapse to get that gorgeous light streaks. Osmo can also rotate the camera for you to get that perfect panorama.

In real time

With the DJI Go app, pull up YouTube Live to share videos on the spot. If you want to edit your photos and videos first, use the app to adjust the lighting and colors. Share it immediately on Facebook or Instagram.

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