Euroo Powerbank

699.00 PHP

A back-up for your devices

Power up two of your devices with this 10,000mAh power bank. With its quick charge capability, recharge in a flash!

Mind your pack

Built with an intelligent protection system, Euroo ensures that your phone battery is stable and safe with every charge.

Be prepared for anything

Featuring a built-in LED torch, this powerbank can also work as a multi-purpose tool for emergency purposes.


This item is only available in Metro Manila.

When traveling or simply going about your day, always keep an extra pack of power for your devices. The Euroo Powerbank has a big capacity and dual USB ports that are compatible to any device. Plus, it’s built with an LED torch for lighting up your night!

Meet your device’s needs
With people depending on smartphones for business and personal reasons, it’s a must to have an extra power supply to keep you covered. Give your device a boost anytime with this portable phone charger. It has a 10,000mAh capacity that can fully charge your devices multiple times. Now you don’t have to wait to get home and charge before responding to your messages. Simply plug in and continue with what you’re doing.

Two for one
This power bank from Euroo Philippines has two USB ports so you can charge two devices at once. Save time in charging and use your device for longer hours. Bring it on trips or ordinary days with no hassle as this power bank is slim and lightweight.

Lighten up your situation
This slim power bank isn’t your ordinary charging device. It also has a built-in torch that you can use for whatever reason you can think off. Did your area suddenly lose electrical power at night? No problem! You now have a battery pack and a flashlight to guide you.

Make it a habit of placing your power bank in your bag after every use. Get the Euroo Powerbank and check out this power bank’s price here at Globe Online Shop.

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