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Felix Monkeyoh

705.00 PHP

Say no to clutters

Make charging organized and fun with this quirky, monkey-designed versatile dock.

Charge in a firm grip

Keep your devices in place with this dock's flexible arms, sturdy feet, and rubber non-skid bottom.

For all purposes

It works as a charging dock and cord-wrapper. Use it to hold your phone while working on your desk.

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Felix MonkeyOh offers you a fun way of charging your mobile device. Designed as a quirky monkey, this nifty tool holds your smartphone in portrait or landscape while keeping your cables intact. Change the way you charge, hold, and organize your mobile device today!

Fun and Quirky Design

With so many smartphone holders available, there’s nothing out there that’s designed as a monkey. Add a new pet to your collection—the MonkeyOh. Now you can steer away from those mundane cable and charger organizers. With four color combinations you can choose from, stand out with your newest fun device.

Useful Phone Holder and Cord Wrapper in One

Delight in a useful tool that manages your cables and keeps your phone secured. With this mini phone holder, conveniently wrap your wires around the monkey’s “backpack”. It helps keep your phone and wires away from your workspace, saving you from clutters while it’s charging.

Flexible and Versatile Device

Most of us charge our devices by simply placing it on the table. Unprotected, we risk damage to our phones by accidentally dropping it, getting it wet, placing something heavy on it, or losing it. Now that the MonkeyOh is here, let it do the guarding for you! With its extendable arms, sturdy feet and a rubber non-skid bottom, confidently leave your device snugly in the monkey while you work, study, cook, or do other chores. Whether you’re using an iPhone, iTouch, or Android, accomplish your tasks hands-free!

Give yourself and your devices monkey hugs with Felix MonkeyOh!

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Color Black+Red, Black+Black, White+Red, White+White
Phone Stand Works with all generation of iPhone and iPod touch and most other smartphones, including the large Galaxy S3 and S4
Power Dock Fits all generations of iPhone (except for iPhone 6 Plus) and iPod Touch; requires Apple North America power adapter and power cord