Fluxmob Bolt Charger

2800.00 PHP
  • Portable powerbank and wall charger in one that only weighs 88 grams

  • LED Light status indicators which prevents overcharging

  • 3,000mAh battery with one built-in USB wire for simultaneous charging


This item is only available in Metro Manila.

Fluxmob BOLT is the world’s smallest combination powerbank and wall charger. Though it weighs only 88g, it packs a battery capacity that can challenge the capacities of much-bigger and heavier powerbanks in the market today. With the BOLT, revolutionize the way you keep your mobile devices on and ready to go!

Mobile and Wall Charger-in-One

Normally, you need to charge both your portable powerbank and your portable charger on separate power outlets before you leave the house. Two different wires will take up space on your desk, not to mention that you need to find another power outlet to charge your other devices. Also, there’s a risk that you’ll accidentally leave one wire in the house, or get both wires entangled in your bag.

With BOLT, remove the hassles of cramped desks and problematic wires. This small rectangular device has a built-in electrical plug that will take only one power outlet in your house to charge itself. More than that, you can also charge your mobile device at the exact same time by simply plugging it in on the BOLT’s one and only USB wire.

Compact and light, simply place the BOLT in your bag if you’re ready to go. When your device runs out of power, simply plug in the BOLT and let 3,000mAh of power fully-charge your smartphone up to twice as much!

Stylish and Smart, for a Powerbank

If your smartphone is stylish, why not your powerbank as well? Enhance your style with the BOLT’s smooth rubberized finish. Choose a color that best shows off your character.

Also, extend the lifespan of your powerbank with the BOLT’s Status Indicator LED’s and Smart Charge Technology, which protects the BOLT’s battery by automatically bypassing it when your device is fully-charged.

With this revolutionary powerbank, worry no more about missing calls and messages. Pair the Fluxmob BOLT now with your device and get the convenience and peace of mind that you deserve!

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Battery 3000mAh
Color Black, White, Blue, Green
Extras Foldable Prongs Rubberized Finish
Smart Charge Technology Automatically Bypasses the Battery when Fully-charged
Status Indicator LED lights