Happy Plugs Micro USB Cable

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Happy Plugs Micro-USB cable combines the design of your mobile device and your own fashion style. A new from Happy Plugs Philippines, welcome to a world of fashionable charging where mixing color with your lifestyle becomes a brand-new trend. Know the type of chemistry that’ll match your devices and add a sparkle of glamour to your everyday life!

Exclusively coated with life sparkling-colors, these 200 centimeter or 2 meter long happy cables will charge your devices or transfer photos, videos, movies, and music. Once you open the package, it showcases a clear transparent cover with white casing. The cable and adapter forms a heart shape, telling you that this Swedish-designed headphones really wants you to be happy with its products. You’ll immediately see your reflection on its sleek, mirror-like adapter. Its cord does not easily tangle, and its long length avoids accidental pulling. Whether you’re using it at work or school, show off your style and your technology.

This USB Cable is also compatible to all Windows, Blackberry, and Android smartphones, as well as digital cameras, tablets and other devices with micro-USB sockets. Happy Plugs Micro-USB cable is available in different colors, including Rose Gold Micro USB Cable and Silver Micro USB Cable. Get yours today here at Globe Online Shop!