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Incipio NGP iPhone 6 Case

995.00 PHP

Low-key design, high-key protection

The Incipio NGP iPhone case provides high quality protection to your phone, without sacrificing size and aesthetics.

Soft on your hands and on your phone

Equip your phone with a soft, impact-absorbing Flex2O™ shell. With Incipio NGP, comfort and protection come hand in hand.

Hold on to what matters

Don’t let your iPhone slide out of your hands. The NGP’s no-slip-grip design gives you a secure hold on your phone.

Keep your iPhone 6/6s in peak condition with the Incipio NGP iPhone 6 case. The sleek design provides ultimate protection to your phone and utmost comfort to your hands.

Protection without sacrifice
With its gorgeous form-meets-function design, the Incipio NGP case lets you have your cake and eat it, too. Say goodbye to bumpers and bulky cases and say hello to the NGP. The simple but effective design provides all-around protection to your iPhone 6/6s. Flex2O™ polymer materials cover your phone all over to provide maximum protection without excessive bulk. Oh, did we mention it comes in different colors, too?

Everything in your hands
Nowadays, everyone keeps and does everything on their phones. Don’t let slippery hands take that away from you. The NGP has a no-slip-grip design and helps you hold on to what matters. No more dropping your phone on the sidewalk. No more praying that your screen isn’t shattered. And yes, no more dropping your phone on your face at night.

Soft but durable
The Incipio NGP iPhone 6/6s case is a soft, shock-absorbing shell that covers your phone all over. Have your phone ready for a drop from any angle without torturing your hands with rough, hard cases. The soft shell and large surface area combine to provide impact-dispersing and absorbing protection to your iPhone.

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