iOttie Easy View 2 Car Mount

1290.00 PHP
  • Have a phone mount in your car that works on any flat surface or dashboard.
  • No installation required for securely holding 2.3 to 3.5-inches wide devices
  • With a washable and reusable sticky gel, keep your device clean and smudge-free.

Use your phone safely while going on long drives with iOttie easy View 2 Car Mount. This cellphone car mount allows you to answer important calls or navigate your way while driving. Here’s how it’ll make driving easier and safer:

With navigation apps and hands-free call capability, using your phone while driving is essential. However, there’s always the risk of danger. Even a quick one second look at a nav screen or a press of a button to answer a call can affect a driver’s focus and cause an accident. Here’s where iOttie Car Mount comes in. First, you can attach it on any flat surface in your car, whether it’s on the dashboard or against the windshield. Its strong suction mechanism keeps itself and your phone mounted near your visual range, stable even on rough roads. Second, its arms are built with a sticky gel pad, which not only holds your phone but also keeps it clean thanks to its washable, residue-less adhesive. Third, it can be adjusted to your preferred viewing angle without obstructing your view. iOttie easy flex holds mobile phones 2.3 to 3.5 inches in width. It’s washable and movable, without leaving scratch marks on your car.

Of course, try to avoid using your phone while driving because it’s always safer to keep your focus on the road. With iOttie Easy View 2 Car Mount, drive safely if you really need to use your phone. Get yours here at Globe Online Shop!

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