Lab C X2 USB Wall Charger

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You’re in a critical time in your work, not noticing that both of your smartphones are low in power. Suddenly, two of your phones are down and you need both to turn on ASAP. Unfortunately, you only have one USB charging outlet to power up one device. Which one do you choose? Thanks to Lab C X2 USB Wall Charger, now you can charge both smartphones quickly and at the same time!

Lab C wall charger features Smart IC technology, which automatically charges your devices at their optimal rates. It protects each device from over-voltage. Plus, it can cut your charging time in half. Now you can rapidly charge your devices from 0% to 80% in just 35 minutes! That’s four times faster than ordinary chargers.

This 2.4A super-fast charger also has two foldable flat prongs that prevent your smartphones from being damaged. The USB charging ports are compatible with any Apple or Android cables. Now that you’re all set, no need to wait for two hours powering up your devices. Get Lab C X2 USB Wall Charger now here at Globe Online Shop!