Lewis Longhorn Luxury Charging Dock

690.00 PHP

Less is more

Compliment the unique color and design of your Apple devices with this refined, brushed aluminum stand with its anti-scratch coating.

New way of taking calls

Make that weekly conference call with your team without worrying about your battery. Simply dock your smartphone, charge, and make notes as you speak.

External and internal protection

Designed with a premium non-slip silicon pad for secure charging. Plus, the chip is MFi-certified making it 100% compatible to Apple devices.

Give your office or home desk a refreshing look. The Lewis and Longhorn Luxury Charging Docks gives you all the convenience of using your Apple devices while charging. It’s made with a refined brush of anodized aluminum with an anti-scratch coating. This ensures that your precious Apple devices don’t get a single scratch as you power-up.

This iPhone dock has a unique design that’s built for convenience. Make or answer calls without the hassle of tangled wires. It will also save you from getting too tired of holding your smartphone when on FaceTime. Simply place the device on its dock, put on speakerphone and talk all you want.

You can practically do anything with your iPhone without your battery power limiting you – well, for as long as it’s hands-free. Place your iPod on this docking station and play the playlist of your favorite tunes. What’s more is this Apple charging dock can be used to sync your files! Minimize the risk of interrupting your file transfer as placing your device in the dock will give you a steady foundation.

The Lewis Longhorn Luxury Charging Dock is yours for the taking. Simply click Add to Cart and experience a whole new way of using your devices while filling its juice.

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