Marshall Major II

4650.00 PHP

Major performance

Dance to the beat comfortably, thanks to Marshall Major II’s soft ear cushions and new headband design.

Elevate sound to new heights

Generate deep bass tones and high notes with incomparable detail with its handcrafted 40mm drivers.

Rock hard anywhere

With its fully collapsible design, you can conveniently store and carry the Marshall Major II wherever you go.

Discover the best way to listen to your favorite tunes with the portable, durable, and newly-designed Marshall Major II.

Share your music
The Marshall Major II headphones feature unique specs with a double-end coil cord and a dual 3.5mm jack, giving the flexibility to choose which side to connect the cable and the freedom to listen to tunes with a friend. Sharing high-quality sound is as easy as spreading a juicy story.

One headset for all
Using its microphone and single remote, you can easily switch between enjoying the most recent addition to your playlist and making urgent calls without having to unplug your device.

Hard rock with soft comfort
Take your sound up a notch without compromising comfort with the Marshall Major II’s classic and durable design. With its ultra-soft ear cushions and an easily-collapsible built, dancing to the loudest beats while wearing your headphones is no longer a worry. You can also depend on its highly-secure headband for your head-banging urges.

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