Mipow Power Cube 10000

2499.00 PHP

Power all day, all night

With a huge 10,050mAh charging capacity, keep your devices well-powered from day to night.

Swift charging for two

Simultaneously charge two phones within 3 hours with this power bank’s 2.4 A fast charge.

Universal compatibility and design

This universal power bank powers most 5V input USB-charged devices. It also features a pastel aesthetic anyone would love.

Juice up your devices to 100% effortlessly! With the Mipow Power Cube 10000, your phones will always be ready for the key moments of your day. This portable charger boasts strong charging capacity, fast charge feature, and functionalities fit for the mobile user who’s always on-the-go.

Stay powered wherever you are
Have peace of mind during long trips or busy working days. With the Mipow Power Cube 10000’s impressive 10,050mAh charging capacity, you can fully charge a healthy battery for up to 4 times. 

Get to 100% easily 
There’s little waiting time to fully charge your devices so you can enjoy the things you love doing. With a 2.4 A quick charge power bank, fully charge two devices simultaneously and within 3 hours. 

Trendy look and functionality
This power bank is universal, portable, and hip. Power up most 5V USB-charged devices using their original charging cables. On top of that, its cubic pastel design adds color to your devices even when they are charging.

Your smartphone’s battery is in good hands. The Mipow Power Cube 10000 and its outstanding features let you collect memories all day through your fully charged devices. Discover the Mipow Power Cube’s price and other power banks online at the Globe Online Shop!

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