Mipow Power Cube 5000

2999.00 PHP

Extend your device’s battery life

With this 5,000mAh power bank, fully charge your battery and do a lot more with your devices.

Safety first

With built-in smart-temperature technology, avoid overheating your device whenever you charge.

Power-up while on-the-go

The Power Cube has a built-in lightning cable so all you need is a press of a button to start charging!

With Mipow Power Cube 5000, head out of your house without worrying about your smartphone’s battery! It has a powerful capacity and smart features all cased in a sleek design.

Be prepared for whatever may come
It’s nice to travel when you have a full battery on your device. This is why it’s always handy to bring your most-trusted Mipow power bank. It has a 5,000mAh capacity that can fully charge an iPhone 5 for at least twice. When your phone runs out of power, simply pull off the built in lightning connector from the powerbank and plug in your device! This power bank also has an extra USB port where you can plug in other phones.

The ultimate power bank for you
Some people are reluctant to use a power bank for fear that it might damage their battery. Fortunately, this fast-charger can lay those fears to rest. Mipow Power Cube features smart-temperature technology that protects the charger and your device from any heat damage. Plus, it has smart-wattage technology that’s designed to give your device the maximum power range it only needs.

Power in a nutshell
The Power Cube 5,000 has both a powerful charging capacity and powerful looks. It has a thin body style that’s easy to carry while charging your device. The slim power bank’s structure is made from an aluminum alloy that’s moisture and corrosion-free. Plus, it’s slip-resistant so you know it’s safe in your hands.

When preparing for trips, include your power bank to your list of basic necessities. Get the Mipow Power Cube 5000 today at Globe Online Shop and check out Mipow Powerbank’s price.

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