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Momax iPower Go Mini Powerbank

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Power up your devices quickly

Charge your phones and tablets swiftly with an 8,400mAh capacity and 2.4A maximum output.

Plug in correctly on the first try

Thanks to the One-Take USB Port innovation, you can plug in your connectors any side up.

Bring it with you conveniently

Enjoy hassle-free usage and carrying around with the short and tangle-free Go-link cable.


This item is only available in Metro Manila.

Stay prepared for memorable moments, important presentations, and impromptu road trips. Power up your smartphones and tablets and keep them ready to use with Momax iPower Go Mini Powerbank! It has a large fast-charging battery capacity, handy design innovation, and convenient cable design. Read about its specs below to find out more about this nifty device.

Quick power up of devices
Do you live a fast-paced, always on the go lifestyle? The iPower Go Mini is ideal for you. It has an 8,400mAh fast-charging battery capacity with 2.4A maximum output, capable of fully charging your smartphones and tablets faster than regular power banks.

Hassle-free plugging
Tired of having to constantly flip the USB over just to plug it in correctly? With the Go Mini, you'll get it right the first time. It features a design innovation called One-Take USB Port which lets you plug a USB cable or drive from any side. Now you can insert it any way up and get straight to charging your device.

Handy cable construction
Momax iPower Go Mini Powerbank comes with a short and tangle-free Go-link cable. Plus, it clings to the suitcase rod of the powerbank and makes it convenient to carry around your iPower Go Mini.

Momax iPower Go Mini Powerbank price is at P2,600. Get yours today or browse other power banks and accessories here at the Globe Online Shop!