Nanofixit 3-in-1

999.00 PHP

Security for your devices

Protect your 2 smartphones and 1 tablet! Nanofixit is an easy-to-apply and 100% bubble-free liquid screen protector.

No more unwanted scrapes

It's been tested and certified with 9H+ hardness rating. Nanofixit makes your phone and tablet display ultra-scratch-resistant!

Protection beyond scratches

Nanofixit kills germs on your screen. Plus, it protects your eyes by reducing the radiation emitted from your display.

Are you looking for a unique screen guard that not only protects your phone but also reduces bacterial growth and radiation? This technology is now possible with the Nanofixit 3-in-1! This liquid screen protector is easy to apply, 9H hardness-rated, and anti-bacterial. Find out more about this cool nano screen protector.

The right protection for your top 3 devices
Safeguard two of your smartphones and one tablet with the Nanofixit 3-in-1. Included in the box are 3 liquid screen protectors, 3 alcohol wipes, and 1 microfiber cloth. Since it's a liquid solution, it can work seamlessly with the glass screens of Apple, Android, and other smartphones and tablets. To apply, simply clean your screen, rub the liquid on the screen, and buff the surface. Plus, it won't peel and produce bubbles!

Clear of frustrating marks
Nanofixit protectors have been scientifically tested and certified with 9H+ hardness rating. This makes your phone and tablet screens ultra-scratch-resistant against every day wear and tear! With Nanofixit, no need to panic the next time you accidentally bump your device's screen on hard surfaces.

Safe from germs, bacteria, and radiation
A Nanofixit on your screen makes it a really clean screen! Designed to actively kill germs and bacteria, Nanofixit can prevent transmission of diseases. This is ideal for families who share devices with each other. While it keeps germs away from you, the liquid solution also protects your eyes from radiation. 90% of the radiation emitted from your screen is reduced before it reaches your eyes. Get that level of protection that goes deeper than your usual screen guards!

Safeguard your phones and tablets with this one-of-a-kind invisible shield! Grab the Nanofixit 3-in-1 here at Globe Online Shop.

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Protection One-time use ultra scratch-resistant, antibacterial, anti radiation liquid screen protector for 2 smartphones and 1 tablet
What's in the box? 3 sachets with alcohol wipe, 3 sachet with nano liquid-soaked cloth, 1 sachet with microfiber cloth
Compatibility Android, iPhone, iPad, and other smartphones and tablets with a glass screen
Weight 21g
Dimensions 15 x 8 x 13
Color Clear