Nanofixit Phone

399.00 PHP

Liquid screen technology

Protect your screen against scratches, bacteria, and radiation! Tested and certified with 9H+ hardness for everyday wear and tear.

Additional enhancements

Nanofixit maintains the 3D touch capabilities of your phone. Plus, it makes the HD effect look more vivid.

One time application

The package contains 3 sachets - alcohol pad, liquid screen, and microfibre cloth. Coat your screen once and it can last for up to 2 years!

Give your smartphone the maximum protection it deserves. Nanofixit Phone is a unique liquid screen protector that can make any phone with a glass screen scratch-proof and anti-bacterial. Plus, you can apply it all on your own! Find out what Nanofixit can do and how you can place it on your phone.

Invisible protection
Conventional screen protectors or tempered glass add weight and thickness to your phone. What Nanofixit does is to protect your smartphone screen without placing anything thick on top of it. It comes in the form of a liquid solution that you simply apply on your display. Once this nano screen protector hardens, it'll make the glass scratch-resistant. Nanofixit has been tested and certified with 9H+ hardness rating. Since it's a liquid solution, you'll never be annoyed from mismatched sizes, peeling, or bubbles.

Protection for you and your phone
Since you use it in everything you do, your phone is a magnet for dirt and bacteria. Using advanced nanotechnology, this screen guard actively kills germs and bacteria on your display. Now you can minimize the risk of transmitting diseases with the help of this liquid nano. On top of that, this nano screen protector reduces the amount of radiation reaching your eyes by up to 90%.

Here are three easy steps to use Nanofixit. First, clean your screen with the alcohol wipe for 30 seconds. Second, apply the liquid screen protector on your screen and rub it thoroughly for 30 seconds. Let your screen absorb the solution for a minute. Finally, gently buff the screen with the microfiber cloth until it shines. With this simple application, your phone can be protected for at least two years!

Experience a new way of protecting your smartphone with Nanofixit. Get Nanofixit Phone here at Globe Online Shop today!

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Protection One-time use ultra scratch-resistant, antibacterial, anti radiation liquid screen protector for phones
What's in the box? 1 sachet with alcohol wipe, 1 sachet with nano liquid-soaked cloth, 1 sachet with microfiber cloth
Compatibility Android, iPhone, and other smartphones with a glass screen
Weight 21g
Dimensions 15 x 8 x 13
Color Clear