Nanofixit Tablet

499.00 PHP

Built to withstand everyday wear and tear

This liquid screen protector has been tested and certified with 9H+ hardness rating. Make your tablet screen ultra scratch-resistant!

Safer and cleaner tablet

Nanofixit reduces 90% of the radiation that reaches your eyes. Plus, it actively kills bacteria on the screen.

Hassle-free application

Do the 3-step process by yourself to experience a peel-free and bubble-free screen for up to 2 years!

Nanofixit Tablet is a liquid screen protector that you can apply on your own. Plus, it can make your tablet screen scratch resistant and anti-bacterial!

Protection you won't notice
Nanofixit Tablet is a liquid screen protector that you can apply on your tablet’s screen. It’s been scientifically tested and rated with 9H+ hardness, making it one of the best phone screens against every day wear and tear. This liquid Nano can also enhance the vividness of your screen, giving you a better viewing experience while watching movies or videos.

Keep bacteria away
Our phones not only harbor a lot of bacteria, but also emit radiation that can damage your eyes after longer hours of use. Now you can protect not just your phone but also yourself! Using advanced nanotechnology, Nanofixit can actively kill germs and bacteria on your screen. Aside from this, it's capable of reducing 90% of the radiation coming from your tablet.

Install in one sitting
To experience and enjoy all these benefits, all you have to do is follow three easy steps. First, use the alcohol wipes included in the package to clean the screen of your tablet. Second, apply the liquid screen protector thoroughly for 30 seconds and let it rest for about a minute. Lastly, using the microfiber cloth, wipe the screen clean. By following these three simple steps, your tablet can be protected for up to two years!

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Protection One-time use ultra scratch-resistant, antibacterial, anti radiation liquid screen protector for tablets
What's in the box? 1 sachet with alcohol wipe, 1 sachet with nano liquid-soaked cloth, 1 sachet with microfiber cloth
Compatibility Android, iPad, and other tablets with a glass screen
Weight 21g
Dimensions 15 x 8 x 13
Color Clear