Phonesuit Travel Battery Charger

2950.00 PHP

The ideal solution to your charging needs

With a battery pack, 2 types of cables, USB output, and wall charger, Phonesuit is all you need for power.

Simultaneous charging for different devices

Power up 3 devices at the same time with the built-in USB port plus Lightning and Micro-USB cables.

Powerful specs for more device usage time

The high-density lithium-ion battery cell and advanced chipset ensure efficient and safe charging.


This item is only available in Metro Manila.

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Get heavy-duty phone power in a lightweight frame with the Phonesuit Travel Battery Charger! Keep your devices at 100% with its multiple charging functions, simultaneous charging feature, and advanced power. Find out more about this cool battery charger by reading its specs below.

More functions, less hassle
This useful charger lets you make room for more stuff in your baggage. It integrates a powerful battery, Lightning cable, Micro-USB cable, USB output, and AC wall adapter in an ultra-thin profile. No need to lug around different plugs and outlets because it has everything you need to charge your gadgets.

Power for more devices
What do you do when your iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and iPad devices all reach that low red level of power? Put the Phonesuit to work! This multifunctional device allows simultaneous charging. It has Lightning and Micro-USB cables plus a built-in USB port so you can charge up to 3 devices at the same time.

Solid specs for charging
Enjoy more time to chat, play, and run your favorite apps. The Phonesuit contains custom high-density lithium-ion 3,500mAh battery and advanced chipset. These provide up to 200% additional power for your gadgets. Plus, the Smart Power Management feature includes pass-through charging, prioritized charging, and automatic-off when the device reaches full battery. The Phonesuit has more than enough power for your smartphone, tablets, speakers, and other gadgets.

Give your devices the power they need with the Phonesuit Travel Battery Charger! Get yours now here at the Globe Online Shop.

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