Playground Acoustic4s HiFi Bluetooth Speaker

2490.00 PHP

Soundtrack for your adventures

With the Acoustic4s, play powerful music at the school yard, lakeside, mountain, or on the road!

Play in the rain

This boom box has an IPX5 water-resistant rating. Do dance sessions on the streets even when it's raining!

All-night pool parties

Place this beside the pool and play music while your phone is 33 feet away. Party for 5 hours!

Make the strumming of the guitar strings vibrate in your chest with Playground Acoustic4s HiFi Bluetooth Speaker! This Hi-Fi audio device features a passive radiator that emits powerful sounds. Connect your gadgets to this speaker via Bluetooth and enjoy streaming your playlist. Even when your 33 feet away from your speakers, your music will still play so you can dance all around! Keep your music up and running for up to 5 hours straight.

What’s more is this audio speaker has a hands-free call capability. Answer calls even when you’re in the middle of your playlist. This Bluetooth speaker has a built-in microphone which allows your caller to hear you loud and clear.

This Playground speaker is also designed with a luxury cord so you can bring your tunes anywhere. Take it to the park or to the beach to make getaways more fun and energetic. Whether you’re out in the open or inside your house, the Playground Acoustic 4s HiFi Bluetooth Speaker will keep you going. Get your now only here at Globe Online Shop!

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