Playground Cam200 Touch Action HD Camera

5890.00 PHP

Stunning scenes of your travel pursuits

Cam200 is powered by an ultra-wide angle lens, large f/2.4 aperture, and a 1080p 60FPS video recorder.

A new world below the waves

With the waterproof case of this camera, dive up to 60 meters underwater. Start capturing the glorious marine life.

Sleek and chic

Who says action cameras aren't stylish? Cam200 and its 2-inch touchscreen display are housed in a beautiful matte casing.

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Take the Playground Cam200 Touch Action HD Camera on your next escapades in the sea, air, and land. It’s durable, waterproof, and capable of capturing the most stunning views you've ever seen.

Record your life

The Cam200 HD camera is all you need to immortalize your life's most extreme adventures. Record your scariest bike run down a hillside, or your loudest scream zipping down a valley. It has a slim and sleek design so you can easily carry it around to shoot every moment. Take longer shots with the 3.8V, 1,100mAh battery.

Play with water

This Playground camera comes with a case that's capable of surviving pressure under 60 meters of water. Show your friends your deepest free dive ever. For snorkelers, capture the moment you come face to face with a scary yet beautiful marine life. Turn it into a movie and make the wonderful scene last forever.

Catch every detail

With its ultra-wide angle lens, view the most wonderful sunrise on the summit while you trek. Playground Cam200 can shoot HD 1080p shots at 60 frames per second. Once you're back home, edit your shots and create cinematic movies of your adventures.

The Cam200 also has a micro HDMI socket, built-in WiFi, and CMOS Sensor. You can download the Playground application on Google Play or Appstore to transfer your files to your mobile device easily. Go and check items off your bucket list with Playground Cam200 touch Action HD Camera in your bag! Get yours here at Globe Online Shop today.

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