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Prolink 5-port USB Charger

1300.00 PHP

The more the merrier

Save space and time by charging 5 USB-powered devices simultaneously. With 5V/2.5A output, it's ideal for most devices.

IntelliSense Technology

Prolink distributes only the right amount of charging current that your devices need.

The only travel charger you need

At about 6.5-inches in length and weighing only 292-grams, it's easy to bring in your work bag or luggage.

With a lot of people into traveling mode most of the time, they practically live in hotels. You have lots of gadgets to bring, but you know that hotel rooms only have a few outlets for you to plug into. Imagine wasting your precious fun time spending hours in your hotel room just to fully charge those devices. If you don't fully charge your devices before you leave, you'll probably end up running out of power and having no photos to remember wonderful moments. This is why you need the Prolink 5-port USB Charger.

Prolink USB charger is a compact and handy charging unit that allows you to power up 5 devices, all at the same time! Each port has a 5V / 2.4A output - the ideal amount of power that smartphones, tablets, and other devices need to charge.

Not only is this USB hub convenient and efficient, it’s safe to use too. Prolink is designed to give you protection against overvoltage, short-circuit, overheating, and overload. Built with IntelliSense Technology, your devices will receive only the right amount of current needed to achieve a full battery without getting damaged. 

So the next time you plan on traveling, get yourself a Prolink 5-port USB Charger. This is great for home use too, especially if each member of the family owns mobile devices. Check out other charging hubs or Prolink powerbanks here at Globe Online Shop for more options.

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