PureGear Slimshell PRO iPhone 7 Plus Case

1049.00 PHP

Maintain a firm grip

The rubberized plastic protects and gives iPhone a new look. Plus, it prevents your phone from slipping from your hand.

Airtek Suspension Technology

The shock-absorbing materials of PureGear isolate vibrations that can damage your iPhone.

Toughness and beauty

With metal side buttons, SlimShell looks stylish and sleek. The durable front lip prevents dirt from touching the screen.

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We use our phones almost twenty-four hours of every day. The more we use it, the more prone it's to damage, scratches, oil, and fingerprints. With these risks, you need to find a case that not only protects your precious phone but also maintains your iPhone's original look. This is where PureGear Slimshell PRO iPhone 7 Plus Case comes in.

This PureGear phone case is made of durable plastic and a flexible rubber. These materials not only protect your phone from impacts and scratches but also allows you to snap your case on and off your phone easily. Plus, the clear back maintains the original look of your iPhone by showing it's smooth back and iconic Apple logo. If you need to check if the back already needs cleaning, why remove it? Just take a quick peek through the clear back and you'll know whether it's time to remove the case for cleaning.

What’s great about this Apple iPhone case is that it has AirTek Suspension Technology. This gives your phone additional support for bumps and drops. What AirTek does is it absorbs and dissipates impact force. With a case like this, you can increase the lifespan of your iPhone 7 Plus.

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Materials Rubber and plastic with metal buttons
Compatibility iPhone 7 Plus
Technology AirTek Suspension
Dimensions 12 x 13 x 19
Extras Durable front lip for additional screen protection
Color Clear and Black