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Samsung Level U Pro Headset

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  • Two-way speaker units and Ultra High Quality Audio (UHQA) technology

  • Ergonomic design with premium quality flexible neck band

  • Splash- and sweat-resistant headset

Seal off the outside world and focus on your workout with Samsung Level U Pro Headset. Listen to music while you exercise and start living an active and healthy lifestyle:

Lightweight and Flexible

Do you remember how painful and annoying it was to accidentally pull your earphones out of your ears? That stops now. The Level U Pro Headset features an ergonomic around-the-neck design with flexible and lightweight body. Now that it’s securely attached on your body, start doing squats, push-ups, punches, and kicks without your headset easily falling off.

Splash-and-Sweat Resistant

With this Level U Pro wireless headphones, keep grooving while you’re moving! Now you can do your cardio exercises without being hassled by tangled wires and wet, malfunctioning gadgets. With the perfect audio device on your neck, don’t let anything stop you from hitting that treadmill.

Noise-isolating Technology

Pace yourself not just with your breathing, but also with your music. Featuring noise-isolating ear gels, the Level U Pro shuts down all outside noises around you so you can focus more on your routine. Whether you’re listening to power beats or jazz, put a soundtrack on your run and finish that race!

Speaker and Microphone In One

This Samsung Bluetooth Headset also features as a microphone that allows you to answer calls while doing your workout. You can also pause and shuffle songs without having to pull out your audio device from your pocket. Plus, it has enough battery power to let you enjoy up to nine hours of chitchat and playback.

Keep yourself pumped up with Samsung Level U Pro Headset. Enjoy superior UHQ Audio, accessible controls, and up to nine hours of continuous use. Check out this headphone, as well as other Samsung accessories, at Globe Online Shop. Samsung Level U Pro Headset price is at P3,099. You can also visit the nearest Globe Gen 3 Stores near you.