SanDisk iXpand

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Sync photos and videos faster to your smartphone or tablet. Plus, make sure that your files are for your eyes only. SanDisk iXpand features a compact design, faster transfer rate, and reliable security.

Everything with you
Whether it's for work or entertainment, now you can bring gigabytes of your files anywhere you go. Watch movies and TV series without connecting to the internet.

Faster transfer like no other
With USB 3.0 tech, transfer your files to your computer faster than other card readers. This storage device also has extra space and auto-sync capability to boost your Apple devices.

Secure across all your devices
Keep your sensitive files secured even if you plug this drive to different devices. This flash drive features an encryption software that's password-protected.

Why bring a bulky, electric outlet-dependent hard drive to work or school if you can bring a portable one? Keep your high res files accessible and secure with SanDisk iXpand! This USB is ideal for photographers, video creators, or anyone who need to transfer large files to any computer. Plus, your password will guarantee that your files are safe. Get SanDisk iXpand here at Globe Online Shop today!